So, here were are. It's the 2017 season and we have been gifted with some fairly decent wind so far since early March. Ok, it might have been a bit cold and even today I have been wearing gloves and hood but it will be warming up soon enough.

On that note, the days are longer now and that means we can now commence our weekly club nights. We are introducing a weekly Thursday night club meeting for anyone and everyone. We have always said we want to create a community of riders from the locals to riders further afield and this is just the start. We are all kitesurfers right? We all share a passion for the sport so lets get together, share a session, swap stories and grab a beer after. 

We are also introducing a monthly "SWAP MEET". This is something new and we are interested to see how it works out. The SWAP MEET is all about swapping your old (but safe) gear for things you want. Have you got a twin tip collecting dust and want a surfboard to learn on? Lets see if we can arrange a swap. It doesn't have to be kiting gear. Are you new to the sport and want a beginner board but willing to swap a GoPro? You see where I am going with this.

We will hook up around 6:30pm and ride until we can't ride any more or until our thirst needs quenching (whichever comes first). We will also arrange fun races, short downwinders, demo kit, BBQ's etc. Get in touch and join the CBK Hunstanton Group page on Facebook to keep up to speed with the arrangements. CLICK HERE.

If there is no wind, we will be hooking up with Norfolk SUP Club instead for a SUP in Norwich or on the Norfolk Broads. These guys generally meet for a paddle along the river ways and include a beverage and food at the end (there is a theme forming here). 

I look forward to seeing you on the beach. 

Rob Fuller