Lesson Dates

Now we are heading head first into the 2017 season, we are getting lots of lesson enquiries. To make it nice and simple we have now got some lesson dates. These are 1 and 2 day courses which will get you from knowing nothing to your first few runs on a kite board. By the end of the 2 days, you will be safe to fly a kite, know how to get yourself back to shore and have all the knowledge to be able to get up on to the board. Two days of kitesurf tuition can be quite full on, but, you will not regret it.


20th - 21st May BOOK HERE 

17th - 18th June BOOK HERE 

15th - 16th July BOOK HERE 

29th - 30th July BOOK HERE 

12th - 13th August BOOK HERE 

26th - 27th August BOOK HERE 

9th - 10th September BOOK HERE 

23rd - 24th Sept BOOK HERE 

7th - 8th Oct BOOK HERE 

21st - 22nd Oct BOOK HERE 

The BOOK HERE links will take you straight to Eventbrite and the chosen dates. Or, please purchase HERE and get in touch with us to advise your preferred lesson dates. 

We are looking forward to a warm, sunny and windy season. BRING IT ON!!

Rob Fuller