1 Day Kitesurf Course

1 Day Kitesurf Course


Probably the most fun you will have this year. 

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This is your opportunity for an introduction to the fastest growing sport of the 21st century! Kitesurfing is an awesome sport, both to learn and then to practice. We only operate in small groups – a maximum of four people per instructor. Your one day course will provide all the fundementals of kite flying:

  • Pre flight checks and kite setup
  • Launching and landing
  • Site assessment and underpinning knowledge
  • Water safety and work
  • Bodydragging
  • Relaunch and go
  • Deep water self rescues and pack down

At the end of a one day course you will know all about kitesurfing and how to do the basics safely. No doubt you will be ready to move on and eagerly book your boardstart 2 day course!

To make it easier for you, we have created courses using Eventbrite. This means you can book straight on to one of the courses we have running on the following dates. Alternatively, if the lesson is being purchased as a present, you can purchase the lesson here on our website and we can then make arrangements to complete it.

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