Pre-Order your WOO 3.0

Pre-Order your WOO 3.0


YES!! get excited for the WOO 3.0. We certainly are! 

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Be one of the first out on the water with the best tech to ever be available for kitesurfing.

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Key New Features

The WOO Sensor: Same shape, but everything else is different.  From the charging pins to the processor everything has been redesigned.  The new pins eliminate all corrosion and the new internal components give us more accurate results, better connection to your mobile device, and the ability to pair the WOO with new devices such as smart watches!  

Smart Watch Integration:  The WOO 3.0 now packs a new function: the ability to pair with an Apple Watch or Android Smartwatch! You’ll now be able to instantly see your most recent jump’s height right on the water, meaning you’ll have a better idea of how adjustments are contributing to your height. 

The All New WOO Sports App: Completely redesigned with the user experience in mind.  It doesn't just look different but offers tons of new features and creates new games designed to attract kiters of all skill levels.  Badges developed with team rider and coach Lewis Crathern give you fun ways to use WOO even when it's not nuking.  Additionally riders just learning to jump will have new ways to play and be apart of the community.  With 3.0 there is a game for everyone!

The New Mount: We took the Frequent Flyer mount and overhauled it.  We made the clip stronger, redesigned the button, tweaked it for Snow sports and made it standard in every WOO package.  No more dealing with slippery bands with cold hands or worrying about damaging your WOO.  The New Mount has you covered.  Period.

WOO 3.0:  Kite / Wake / Snow:  We are excited to officially bring WOO to the Snow!  We spent the past 2 years on the slopes testing and developing the WOO Snow game with freestyle Skiers and Snowboarders from all over the globe!  You now have more ways to play and can ride with WOO all year long.

All in all the new WOO 3.0 is the most advanced product on the market and offers the greatest value to any kiter looking to have more fun out there on the water!