VEHO X-Drone

VEHO X-Drone


The MUVI X-Drone from Veho is a complete aerial camera system that's ready and easy to fly within minutes.

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With huge range the MUVI X-Drone is able to record 1080p full high definition video and take 16MP still photos using the stabilized on board and controllable MUVI camera. Enable live viewing and control through your iOS or Android device using the X-Drone APP and visualize exactly what your X-Drone is seeing and fly according to your photographic requirements.

Fly up to 20 minutes with the largest LiPo drone battery on the market and capture professional-quality aerial footage, with no prior experience.

The inbuilt advanced GPS-guided autonomous functionality means the MUVI X-Drone will return unaided to launch point if control is lost or the X-Drone detects low battery. Added to this the GPS aids flying for the aerial photography novice.