Not long to wait...

There are only a few days now until we head down to Devon for the first of many trips under the Venture banner. Naturally our web browsers have a side page dedicated to the latest forecast to see what the wind gods will provide. It is still early days, but it is looking good for some Devon cruising. With a nice mellow wave throughout the weekend you might want to put a directional board in your car.. whether it be for the waves or slightly lighter conditions on Sunday. 

We still have a couple of spaces remaining in the houses so if you or someone you know is interested in joining us then head straight over to our BOOKING PAGE.

Ozone are sending some demo equipment down for the weekend, so there will be the opportunity to test gear you might not normally get your hands on. PLUS, don't forget the friendly WOO comp we are putting on over the course of the weekend. You can enter HERE to ensure you get the hashtag to tag your sessions with to enter. It is that simple. 

To get all the trip info click this LINK. For now though, we will leave you with the FORECAST.

Rob Fuller