Cabrinha Review by Alex Perks

Here's my first review of some Cabrinha kiteboarding kit tested at Old Hunstanton on what was the hottest day of the year. Wind conditions were 20 mph early on but picked up to about 28 later in the day. I have never been on Cabrinha kit so was eager to get out on the water.

So the first kite I took out was the 12m FX this is one of their big air freestyle kites, it's more of a c shape than I'm used to riding but that was no bother it had great power delivery and quick turning to go back up wind with no issues.  A very versatile kite that would suit the free rider and air hunter alike.

So onto the 12m Radar this classed as a versatile free ride / ease of use kite, and cabrinha aren't lying it's that in a nice bag.  It had a light bar pressure and was mellow to ride tracked up wind nicely, easy water relaunch a kite that would suit a beginner but would be happy to get you up in the air or play in the waves.
Saving the best till last I took out a 9m Switchblade now the word here is performance and it is an icon of a kite this. With a fantastic upwind capability it has speed, power and delivers high end kite performance when you go for air expect it.  This is the kite for those wanting to push themselves on the water.
Moving onto the Spade surf board I really liked the looked of the board with its thruster set up and custom deck grip, although there were no waves the board was stable and happy in the chop not too stiff underfoot with plenty of pop if strapless freestyle is your thing it carved nicely on both rails and was responsive to my foot moves when gybing and tacking.  It's not a board I would have previously considered but would definitely be in the short list.
Happy riding. 



Rob Fuller