Ozone Enduro 12m test

The enduro is new to the Ozone line up and what an addition it is. 

We tested the Ozone Enduro V1 in some pretty light wind to see how the 12m would feel. All in all it was pretty good. The conditions were testing and the wind was up and down. The Enduro handled the gusts really well, when it dropped off the kite was still stable with no back stall, when it picked up the kite had a constant feel of power. Even on the "out of the bag set up" it still turned ok but we could have made a few tweaks and move the steering lines out one notch to make the kite faster in lighter wind and possibly put it on the wave setting. On the freeride setting it sits in front of you and doesn't want to force its way round the wind window like some other kites. This is obviously due to its shape and thicker leading edge. This was a 12m session, so there was not much point in testing the wave setting, we will be doing that with the 9m very soon. Get in touch if you want to test the Enduro out.



Rob Fuller