It is over for another year

The annual trip to Rhosneigr has been and gone for another year. This was our 5th year in the sleepy seaside village, which boasts some of the best kiting in the UK. This was bigger and better than any year so far. Lewis Crathern followed us there and completed a weekend long kiting clinic. We had 3 of the very best houses in town and they were full of eager kiters wanting to don some neoprene and get their fill of kiting. With a little bit of partying thrown in for good measure it is safe to say it was a pretty solid weekend. 

Friday everyone arrived and after helping the council out with sweeping the sand off the beach road, we got on to the business of questioning if it was windy enough. This must happen in your network of kiting buddies. You can never agree on the wind strength - "its 12m weather", "no its not you wont get going in this".. You know what I am talking about, thats why you're grinning now. Anyway, after the inevitable putting the kite up and realising it was back stalling and it wasn't wind enough, the crew decided the only option was to head to the houses and get the party started. Oh....hang on.... its picking up..... oh no, sorry it was squall.. lets get a beer!! 

Our very own specially brewed APA beer started things off and to be honest it probably ended things as well.

Lewis Crathern was on the phone early Saturday morning to get things moving for his clinic. So, with a quick espresso from the guys at Caffesso we were on the beach in no time. This time it was solid 12m weather and everyone was keen to get on the water asap. As normal CBK crew rider Rich was first in. Fuelled with Captain Morgan from the night before he didn't last long and it was left to Lewis to show off some of the skills he is known for. Using his BbTalkin headset hooked up to his van, everyone was able to hear exactly what was going on. 

After a full day on the water, it was on to the Oyster Catcher for the Armada Trust charity quiz night. We raised a grand total of £125 and this started party number 2 quite nicely. 

Sunday came far quicker than anyone needed but Lewis was full of the joys of life and soon everyone was hitting the water again for another 12m session. The beauty of a trip like this is that you are motivated by others to kite more, push yourself further, try new things and sometimes even push yourself over the edge. There was certainly a few thrills and spills on the water but there was more smiles and it is great to be out with so many people all out to have a good time no matter what. 

Looking forward to next year already - and if you want to join us email

Rob Fuller